Homeschooling Growth Explodes

From Slice of Laodicea:


There is good news from a government report on home education. There has been a 77% growth in homeschooling over the last eight years. More and more parents, Christian or otherwise, are waking up to the toxic realities of government education and are choosing to take charge of the education of their children.

As a homeschooling parent for a number of years, I can tell you that it is possible to have top-drawer Christian education in your own home. Whether you choose to do the instruction yourself or make use of some of the wonderful distance learning programs available, there are so many options for parents today. For bright, motivated children, you absolutely cannot do better than a program like the Abeka Academy DVD school. I have witnessed the results in our children with this program, and I am singularly impressed. Our youngest son in particular loves taking charge of his own education and has not only learned much academically, but has learned to organize himself, follow instructions and discipline his time. For $1100 a year, Abeka has enabled us to provide an excellent education that is rooted and grounded in God’s Word.

There are many other options, and parents need to seek out the best curriculum and method based on their child’s needs. Bob Jones also has a DVD and satellite school, and both Abeka and Bob Jones have home school high school, complete with testing and transcripts provided for college. Those are just two of so many options.

The vast array of co-ops, sports leagues and homeschool activities long ago put paid to ’socialization” concerns from critics.  The real challenge facing homeschool families today is knowing where to cut back on extra-curricular activities due to the sheer volume of what is available.

Home education provides rich time with your child to both spiritually disciple and train in character issues. When a child is not socialized by a peer group, but rather a wider age range of believers, respect for authority and adults is the result. The peer segregation in churches and schools today breeds rebellion and disregard for adults and authority. A companion of fools, Scripture tell us, becomes a fool. The biblical model is for the older to teach the younger.  Home education facilitates that in a wonderful way. If you are concerned about shoddy academics and negative peer influences, consider the benefits of home education.

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