From the Desk of Steve Shultz – The Nature of (False) Prophecy

The Nature of False Prophecy
by Susan Bertalotto
April 2008

Recently I posted about Kim Clement’s Obama prophecy in which Clement claims “God” told him to tell us that Obama is God’s man for the White House “to rule and to reign and to declare victory in the Middle East” (whose victory? Israelis’ or Palestinians’?). Read the post HERE.

The prophecy is posted on which is run by Steve Shultz. Before Shultz posts each prophecy, he writes a little about the prophecy. The following is part of what Mr. Shultz wrote about Clement’s Obama prophecy:

From the Desk of Steve Shultz–ITEM IMPORTANT

Tuesday, April 8 at 1:01pm, I received this Word by Kim Clement regarding Obama. It was sent in and approved by Kim’s staff. Notice the words “APPROVED” below. It’s also about things such as “unity,” the “economy” etc. Again, this is NOT my personal endorsement…

I also don’t necessarily see it as Kim’s personal endorsement either–he seeks to speak what he hears only…

I always take prophecies like this and read them over and over–trying to determine EXACTLY what is or IS NOT being said…

We post controversial prophecies like this one–as always–for prayer and discernment. For those who are new to this list, it is possible that we would publish more future words from other prophets that would appear to contradict this word. That’s the nature of prophecy...

(emphasis in original – click here to read in full)

Note what he himself has highlighted in his note. Contradictory prophecies are normal and are the nature of prophecy. According to Shultz, Clement only prophesies what he hears even if it contradicts what “God” supposedly said through another prophet. I suppose if some other prophet hears from “God” that John McCain would be elected President of the U.S., it would also be a valid prophecy from God. You see, that’s the problem with flighty prophets such as those from the Elijah List. There isn’t any consistency and they demean God by saying He contradicts Himself!

It takes a lot of adacity and gall to shake their collective fist in God’s face and say “Hey, we don’t care what You have actually said through Your Word, through Scripture! We’ll just make up the words as we go along and tell everyone it’s from YOU! We have to make money somehow, don’t we?” Directly after the note from the desk of Steve Shultz, and before Clement’s prophecy, two of Clement’s “BRILLIANT products” are offered – for cash of course.

It is simply amazing that there are “christians” who believe that the prophecies of the Elijah List are from God. No, they are not. Can’t be. Those prophets are listening to a different voice.

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