Your Destiny and Identity

Your Destiny and Identity
by Susan Bertalotto
August 2007

What Victoria Boyson says:
God wants to give you a dream for your future and implant the seeds of destiny in your heart…Giving birth to your destiny is a difficult and exhausting process, but inevitably your misery will turn into joy, and you will produce the product of grace that you have always dreamed of. Online Source (emphasis added) [Boyson is a “prophet” participant of the Elijah List]

What T D Jakes says:
T. D. Jakes along with his wife, First Lady Serita Jakes have pulled together some of the world’s best speakers to propel you into your destiny. Online Source

[Regarding the Prison Ministry Department] We must…rescue these hidden deposits of greatness. Along with the mending power of the Gospel, we must point these lives in the direction of their destiny. Online Source (emphasis added) [Jakes is a Oneness Pentacostal / Jesus-Only promoter]

What Casey Treat says:
What you think about yourself will control what you let God do through your life. The most important, the most controlling, and the most powerful thought is your personal identity – your self-image, or what you believe about you.
…How you see yourself is deciding how you live every day – not God, not the world, not the government, not the devil – you are deciding where you live, how you live, what you accomplish (or what you do not accomplish), based on that identification [internal ID card]. Online Source (emphasis added) [Treat is a teacher of the Word / Faith heresy]

What Joyce Meyer says:
I discovered my destiny by trial and error…When you go shopping for a new outfit, you probably try on many different things until you find what is comfortable, looks good on you and fits you best. Why not do the same thing with discovering your calling in life? As you take steps of faith, your destiny will unfold. (emphasis added) Archived copy of Secret #4 Part 1 and Secret #4 Page 2 Article was removed from Meyer’s website. [Meyer is a teacher of the Word / Faith heresy]

According to these four people, a person’s destiny or identity depends on humans’ efforts, not God’s power. We choose what our destiny will be, based on the world’s perception of greatness, favor, comfort, and power — based on metaphysics, an occult/New Age concept of controlling ourSELVES and the world WITHOUT Jesus Christ. What these people are teaching is indicative of the “new” spirituality of Christians; these are not isolated quotes.

What does the Word of God have to say about destiny and identity? We know for sure that the Bible does not teach us to use metaphysics to discover our greatness and find the way to “our destiny”. In the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible, the word “destiny” or “identity” isn’t found. “Destiny” is referenced in the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible, but not “identity”. Every reference to “destiny” in the NIV is regarding evil and/or destruction. Both versions write of “predestination” or “predestined”, but that has nothing to do with destiny. So the Bible says nothing about “discovering/birthing your destiny”, “finding your identity”, etc. Those concepts are nothing more than substitutes for the Real Answer – Jesus Christ.

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