Metaphysics and Jesus Christ

Metaphysics and Jesus Christ
by Susan Bertalotto
July 2007

What is Metaphysics?
Metaphysics is “The branch of philosophy that examines the nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, fact and value.” and “The field in philosophy that studies ultimate questions, such as whether every event has a cause and what things are genuinely real.” and “Excessively subtle or recondite [hidden, obscure, profound] reasoning.” Online Source Metaphysics is a philosophy of discovering hidden, gnostic, inordinary knowledge by seeking the cause of reality through exploring unanswered questions.

Google “metaphysics christ” and you will find a myriad of sites that claim to know the answer to why humans exist. In general, we exist to become gods, to be “like christ”. Except metaphysics does not explore the deity of Jesus Christ of the Bible; it explores the christ that Jesus had, not was. Supposedly many prophets have embodied “the christ”, and anyone can become like christ by applying the correct esoteric principles.

Who Is Jesus Christ?
Jesus Christ is the second Person of the Godhead (The Word made flesh), God-Incarnate, the Only Way to the true God. He is the Truth, the Bread of Life, the Only Mediator between God and men. He IS “The Christ”, the anointed One. Jesus said in John 14:6 “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father, except by Me.” Looking for the “meaning of life” through other ways is futile. There is no other Way except through Jesus Christ.

Like Oil and Water
Metaphysics and Jesus Christ go together like oil and water – never to become mixed. Metaphysics explores the unknown; Jesus Christ IS the Answer — knowing God through Him is not a metaphysical experience. We can know of Him through the Word of God, the Bible, and we can know Him spiritually through our recognition of our sin and repentance, total remorse, of those sins.

Metaphysics uses meditation, contemplative (centering/breath/listening/soaking) prayer, Lectio Divina, Kundalini energy (serpent power), spiritual practices, spiritual disciplines, “practicing” God’s presence – all under the heading of Spiritual Formation. Using metaphysics to “know God” or “conversate with God” is bypassing Jesus Christ and is placing one’s self on a pedestal. What one will find with metaphysics is an array of spirits, angels of light, who are more than happy to inhabit those who “empty their minds” and without the protection of God Almighty, venture off into a redefined “Christianity”. Metaphysics is seemingly practiced with “humility” and “humbleness”, but in reality, anyone who believes that one can “conversate” with God through metaphysics, and NOT through Jesus Christ, is exalting him/herself to be equal to or above God. As I noted earlier, the ultimate goal of metaphysics is to evolve into a god – to be “christ-like” (NOT to be like Jesus Christ through the power of God).

Many New Agers use pseudo-Christian terms:

be christ-like
find your destiny/identity
discover your God-given gifts
be a champion
we are little gods
meditate on the Words of God
Jesus is our role model-be like Him
poverty is of the devil
transformation is the key to a better life in God

but it doesn’t make their teachings biblical. Don’t be deceived by metaphysics (including psychology). Metaphysics is nothing more than an esoteric knowledge, a fake knowledge, a high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. Marsha West states it well in her article Harry, Yoda and Yoga:

Christians have feet of clay. Many can’t even explain what they believe and why they believe it yet they’ll take time to meditate. This may offend some of you, but most Christians couldn’t begin to describe the kind of spiritual damage that may result from yoga meditation if their lives depended on it. Moreover, most believers are so biblically challenged that they’re unable to give a response as to why dabbling in witchcraft should be unthinkable for true believers.

Procedures and Processes
Metaphysics uses a procedure to determine the hidden, gnostic answers to life. Each of the aforementioned uses are very controlled and sterile. Meditation is of utmost importance:

“Meditation is the basic activity that underlies all metaphysics and is the primary source of spiritual direction for the New Age person. We need only observe the emphasis which is placed on meditation to see the importance of it in New Age thought.”
An excerpt from Ray Yungen’s book, For Many Shall Come in My Name. Read much more of Yungen’s book on Lighthouse Trails blog

You might notice, on the google page, that the process to discovering spiritual answers is usually listed in a business-like fashion. One site says:

The foundation course offers the opportunity to discover:
your identity as a spiritual being
the changing expression of your inner being
working with thinking, feeling and willing
the power of applying spiritual principles
setting and achieving life-changing goals. Online Source

Compare that list to the list on a “Christian” site:

Let Dr. Chironna’s coaching, mentoring, and equipping skills provide you with the necessary God-given tools and training you need to:
1. Unblock – every obstacle inside of you.
2. Unlock – every door within to your greater potential without.
3. Activate – every gift and skill both natural and spiritual that God has given you.
4. Empower – your life by inside-out living to be who you are called to be, do what you are called to do, and have what you are promised to have.
5. Transform – your total life experience and cause you to flourish, live the “well-lived” abundant life you are intended to live, and get from where you are to where you have always wanted to be. Online Source

And what do both lists have in common? Neither of them acknowledge that

Jesus Christ is the Only Way to God and to a life-change.

Ahh, but that would be too simple now, wouldn’t it? If there isn’t any money to be made, then what would be the point? Notice that all the proponents of metaphysics will take a concept, create a process of implementation, and SELL it. Jesus Christ can not be sold! Therefore, you won’t find anyone who is selling the real salvation of man. Metaphysics proponents are working very hard to present a facsimile, a substitute, that unsuspecting, undiscerning people will buy, or buy into.

Mark Chironna (second list) is not only a “life coach”, he is a host of Praise The Lord of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and also a contributor to The Elijah List. He is a strong proponent of metaphysics (spiritual formation, contemplative spirituality, NEW spirituality).

More lists from a “Christian” source:

WORSHIP – You were planned for God’s pleasure
FELLOWSHIP – You were made for God’s family
DISCIPLESHIP – You were created to become like Christ
MINISTRY – You were shaped for serving God
EVANGELISM – You were made for a mission. Online Source

Community: Those living around your church who never, or occasionally, attend.
Crowd: Those who attend your church regularly but are not members.
Congregation: Those who are committed to both Christ and membership in your church family.
Committed: Those members who are serious about growing to spiritual maturity.
Core: Those members who actively serve in ministry and mission in your church.

Fellowship: Your members will learn to love each other and to love the lost.
Discipleship: Your members will have a consistent focus on growing deeper in their faith.
Ministry: Your members will understand their God-given SHAPE and be motivated to serve within your congregation.
Evangelism: Your members will begin fulfilling Christ’s command to go into all the world, telling and teaching about Jesus [Ed. note: Rick Warren does not tell/teach about Jesus]. Online Source

This comes from a pastor, Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. He has discovered a concept, created a process of implementation, and is selling this false gospel. His concept is not in the Bible; if it was there, how could he SELL it? The love of money is the root of all evil. (1 Timothy 6:10) Yes, Warren’s purpose-driven concept is metaphysics. In fact, meditation, the basis of metaphysics, is lauded by Warren. On, he repeatedly presents articles by New Age proponents: Richard Foster, James Emery White, Dallas Willard, etc.

Another example of metaphysics, the “new” spirituality, is / Ministry Advantage. This site is chock-full of christianized business concepts, presented as “Turning Vision Into Reality”. Paul Proctor’s article asks the question ‘SIMPLE CHURCH’ OR ANOTHER SMOKE SCREEN?. Quote from the article:

Whatever you might think of the Simple Church concept, this Lifeway article by Mrs. Shrout says nothing about preaching Christ crucified or feeding the Lord’s sheep, but only promotes another book, program and process designed by men [“coaches” of Simple Church] who are focused on Results & Relationships rather than repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

For those who refuse to go Jesus’ Way, metaphysics is a seemly viable choice. Unfortunately, metaphysics is on the broad road to destruction.

Click HERE for a list of some of the “Pretenders”, people who are teachers, promoters, advocates, supporters, proponents, and/or defenders of Spiritual Formation (metaphysics, contemplative spirituality, spiritual disciplines) who ignore the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and subscribe to a “new” spirituality.

Excellent Articles:
Marianne Williamson: Moonbeams, Miracles & Magic by Discernment Research Group

Mysticism & Global Mind Change by Berit Kjos

Rethinking and Reinventing by Discernment Research Group

Online Book:
Reinventing Jesus Christ by Warren Smith, ex-New Ager

From Lighthouse Trails Research:
Kundalini Energy (Serpent Power) Same as Contemplative Silence
…the silence or sacred space that is reached during contemplative prayer/centering prayer is the same state that is reached during what is called kundalini. Read More…

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