The Prophecies of the Elijah List

Book Review of “The Shack”
Deceived by a counterfeit “Jesus” by Berit Kjos February 2008
“The Shack” is promoted and sold by the Elijah List

The Prophecies of the Elijah List
by Susan Bertalotto
May 2007

The Elijah List is a website that “transmit[s] around the world… fresh daily prophetic ‘manna’ from the Lord, regarding the days in which we live.” The email “list” was started by Steve Shultz and he states the purpose is to “give trustworthy, daily prophetic worship and intercessory ‘content’ to as many Believers (and even Unbelievers) as possible.” If you subscribe to these “prophecies”, two or three emails show up in your inbox each day, all with the statement “The daily prophetic words that are sent to our 130,000+ subscribers are made possible by the purchase of products like those featured in this email. You may purchase them directly from this email, or visit our online store…” The promotion of books, CDs, DVDs, and the shameless merchandizing of prophetic conferences is unending. (Related websites:, The Well Network, The Tent, and Breaking Christian News )

The content of the prophecies and books are a curious mixture of the mundane and the bizarre. When you look to Scripture for verification of the prophecies, the “words from God” fall short, VERY short. Shultz claims the prophecies are “amazing”, “fresh”, “fantastic”, “terrific” – but fails to inform his readers of the foolishness of relying on “words” from men.

Here is a clear example of a bizarre, heretical prophecy from Bob Jones:

Last night I was in a temple with some saints… As we were sitting there, I saw stones begin to fall… I saw others were getting them. They were called Green Fire. What’s the Green Fire? It’s Emerald-inspired teaching–fiery teaching with Revelation. It’s teaching with a fire like you have never seen before. It is beginning to bring Truth on a scale like you have never seen before. Even the mysteries of God are being opened.The Spirit of Truth–the Holy Spirit–is behind this, but it’s His Dove nature in you that is bringing this Truth. As I watched people gather there, I saw the swallow build her nest there. I see things like this so I can see where in Scripture is the next thing God is doing. I heard audibly that these stones will begin to fall again in 2 weeks. Awesome Revelation is coming like the green stones with fire in them. (Elijah List email May 3, 2007) Full Email

If you look on the internet for “green stones”, all one can find (besides building materials) is New Age references: Alice Walker’s book “Finding the Green Stone”, Gloria Steinem’s book for girls about the green stone representing “self”, and the healing green stone that can “facilitate a deep heart connection with the Mother Earth”. The green stone also “balanc[es] the emotions releasing emotional stress” and “stimulates creativity and independence”. Online Source

So what is Jones referring to? His prophecy didn’t come from the Bible. Those are not the Words of God; they are the words of man, a New Age/Occult prophecy that draws us AWAY FROM God, not closer to Him. Jones has no clue what the “next thing God is doing”.

False prophecies come from the Elijah List like water from a sieve. Why do people believe these prophecies? One reason is that they “feel better” because of the prophets’ teachings. Emotions run high in this group of prophets/teachers. The emotional high shrouds the truth from their listeners’ ears. Here are some excellent articles that delve into the “dopamine church”, which includes the Elijah List group.

The Dopamine-Driven Church
Part 1: C’mon God, Light My Fire
Part 2: Touch It with the Match
Part 3: 40 Days of Shared Emotions
Part 4: Customer Evangelists
Part 5: What is Your LifeTime Value?
Part 6: The Goals for Coals
Part 7: “God-Branding”
Part 8: Las “Vegas in a can” Religion

Elijah List prophets / teachers / participants:

The names in red are Metaphysics / Contemplative Spirituality proponents, and with their acceptance and promotion of the “new” spirituality, deny The Reformation. Click on names to read more information.

Note: Soaking Prayer is nothing more than contemplative / centering  / listening prayer and is used for occult meditation. The Elijah List website sells a broad range of Soaking Prayer CDs, packaged as contemplative soaking, soaking worship, spontaneous worship, saturating, prophetic worship.

Soaking prayer is not found in the Bible.

Doug Addison
Che Ahn
Paul Ahn
Wendy Alec
Noel Alexander
Tammy Alsup
Beth Alves
Joni Ames
Jerry Anderson
Shirene Anderson
John & Carol Arnott
Andre Ashby
Jill Austin 

George Bakalov
Rolland & Heidi Baker
Georgian Banov
Jim & Carla Barbarossa
Jeffrey Barsch, Dr.
Frank Bartleman
Julee Becker
Pamela Beller
John Belt
Todd Bentley
John Bevere
Mike Bickle
Paul Billheimer
Tucker Bismark
Bonita Blakeman
Zach & Sarah Blickens
Shawn Bolz
Avner & Rachel Boskey
Les Bowling
Lee Bowman
Victoria Boyson
Sid & Bev Bradley
Barbie Breathitt
Mike Brink
Catherine Brown
Eddie & April Brown
Mike Brown
Rodney Howard Browne
Katieann Browning
Caleb Brundidge
Martin Buhlmann
John & Barbara Burkholder

Caleb Company
Joe Cameneti
Bob & Kathy Campbell
Wesley & Stacey Campbell
Martha Canizales
Yvonne Capenhart
Steve Carpenter
Milton Carroll
Pamela Carter
Sam & Linda Caster
Chenaniah Praise Dancers
Marie Chapian
Mahesh Chavda
Mike & Sandra Chipchase
Mark Chironna
David Yonggi Cho
Angella Chrstie
Heather Clark
Nolan Clark
Randy Clark
Kim Clement
Denny Cline
Ching Co / Ching Ten L. Co
Dale & Lisa Combs
Bobby Conner
Graham Cooke
Lindell Cooley
Gloria Copeland
Judson Cornwall
Paul Cox
Jeris Cribbs
John & Lily Crowder

Autumn Daldo
Kimberly Daniels
Billy Joe Daugherty
Paul Keith Davis & Wanda Davis
Tom Davis
John Dawson
Randy Demain
David Demian
Ron DePriest
Carol DeSutter
Mitko Dimitrov
John Doan
Reuven & Mary Lou Doron
Lisa Doyle
Christ Drake
Jim Driscoll
Murray Dueck
Renee Duncan
Mark Dupont
Chris Dupre

John Eckhardt
Misty Edwards
Garris Elkins
Anne Elmer
Encounters Network
Jesse Engle
Lou Engle
Elizabeth Enlow
Aaron Evans
Extreme Prophetic Ministries

Ruth Fazal
Sean Feucht
Chris Fields
John Filler
Willow Finney
Don Finto
Becky Fischer
Layne Fish
Kingsley Fletcher
William Ford III
Theresa Forkins-Phillips
Francis Frangipane
Mickey & Sandie Freed
Richard Ayal Frieden
Jack Frost
Aaron Fruh
Steve Fry
Ruthann Fryer

Jaime Galloway
Joseph Garlington
Pat Gastineau
Vince Gibson
Shelvi Gilmore
Luc Gingras
Marty Goetz
James W. Goll
Paul & Denise Goulet
J. Lee Grady
Reed Grafke
Rebecca Greenwood
Bob Griffin
Theresa Griffith Hurlbert
Barbara Grimshaw
Mark & Michelle Gurley

Bart Hadaway
Teresa Hairston
Jon & Jolene Hamill
Frank Hammond
Bill & Jane Hamon
Jane Hansen
Duane Harlow
Rich & Gail Harris
Steve Harris
Vicki Harris
Jack Hayford
Freddy Hayler
Robert Heidler
Peter Helms
Michael Hennen
Jim Hennesy
Kent Henry
Leslie Herrier
David & Stephanie Herzog
Leif Hetland
Scott Hicks
Steve Hill
Heather Hills
Sam Hinn
Suzanne Hinn
David Hogan
Rob Hotchkin
James Horst
Ray Hughes
Tim Hughes
Rhonda Hughey
Joan Hunter
Jeff Hurlbert

Asher Intrater

Harry Jackson, Jr.
John Paul Jackson
Cindy Jacobs
Mike Jacobs
Jeff Jansen
Bill Johnson
Brian & Jenn Johnson
Neville Johnson
Bob & Bonnie Jones
Rick Joyner

Pamela Kent
Patricia King
Craig Kinsley
Dennis & Angela Kline
Robert Kopp
Jean Krisle
Faytene Kryskow
Chester & Betsy Kylstra

Conrad Lampan
Dietrich Lange
Michael Larson
Sarah Lee
Lesley Ann Leighton
James Levesque
John Loren
Julia Loren
Peter Lowe
Tamara Lowe
Keith & Sanna Luker
Mary Luker
Ric Lumbard

Brenda Malheiro
Faisal Malick
Henry Malone
Nate Marialke
Mathai Mathai, Dr.
Fritz Matthews
John Maxwell
Michelle McClain
Brad McClendon
Mike McClung
Joann McFatter
Cindy McGill
Scott McLeod
Francis McNutt
Joanne Meckstroth
Reeni Mederos
Ana Mendez Ferrell
John & Amy Meyer
Julie Meyer
Jason Miller
Jessica Miller
Keith Miller
Ira Milligan
Joshua Mills
Tom Mills, Dr.
Chuck Missler
Sandy Mitchell
Steve Mitchell
Dan Mohler
Grant Mullen, Dr.
Kayle Mumby
Miles Munroe
Lorrie Myers

Audrey Neufeld
Theresa Nickelson
Don Nori

Gary Oates
Graham Ord

Tom Panich
Sharon Parkes
Joy Parrott
Jim Paul
Obii Pax-Harry
Kathi Pelton
Nick Pengelly
John Petersen
Alistair Petrie
Jason Phillips
Cal & Michelle Pierce
Chuck & Pamela Pierce
Rick Pino
Don Pirozok
John Mark Pool
Michael Popenhagen
Christine Potter
Don Potter
Shara Pradhan
Paula Price
Derek Prince
Kevin Prosch

Larry Randolph
Paulette Reed
Hope Reeder
Reinhard Rehberg
Jim Reilly
Laura Rhinehart
Robert Ricciardelli
Gary L. Richardson
Jeanie Richardson
Rick Ridings
Alberto & Kimberly Rivera
Samuel Rivers, Jr.
Justin Rizzo
Oral Roberts
Charlie Robinson
Mickey Robinson
Ivan Roman
Sid Roth
Ami Ruda
Morris Ruddick
David Ruis

Geoff Sadler
Mike and Lori Salley
John & Paula Sandford
R. Loren Sandford
Kathryn Scott
Bary & Batya Segal
Mike Servello
Nathan Shaw
John Sheasby
Gale & Shelly Sheehan
Dutch Sheets
Gary Shelton
Cathy Shepard-Wilhelm
Lucas Sherraden
Steve Shultz
Ed Silvoso
Billy & Isabel Simpson
Surprise Sithole
Mary Skelton
Maurice Sklar
Alice Smith
Eddie Smith
Julie Smith
Mike Smith Band
Nola Smith
Sean Smith
Bob Sorge
Matt Sorger
Peter Spencer
Spirit Wings
Rita Springer
Micah Stampley
Lydia Stanley
Robert Stearns
Jim Stern
Ann Stevenson
Danny Steyne
Charles Stock
Shirley Stockton
Joy Strang
Dan Stratton
Norm Strauss
Vicki Strickland
William Sudduth
Kathy Summers
Jay Swallow
Steve Swanson

Kina Taplin
Mel Tari
Chad Taylor
Ford Taylor
Jack Taylor
Wade Taylor
Tommy Tenney
Sarah Teplinsky
Sandra Teplinsky
Pat Theissen
Travis Thigpen
Al Thomas
Sherry Thomas
Shundrawn Thomas
Heidi Thomason
Iverna Thompkins
Zachary Tims
David Tomberlin
Bidal & Sherry Torrez
Cindy Tosto
Cindy Trimm
Sarah Trinder
Julie True
Peter Tsukahira
Kara Tupy

Jason Upton

Kris Vallotton
David Van Koevering
Rick Van Patten
Anje van Tongeren
Dayna Varga
Terry Virgo

C. Peter & Doris Wagner
Rebecca Wagner Sytsema
Mark & Pam Walker
Lance Wallnau
David Walters
Kathie Walters
Evelyn Weber
Bill Weise
Barbara Wentroble
Cindi Whitman
Rick Wienecke
Gary Wiens
Dennis Wilhelm
Grace Williams
Suzy Wills Yaraei
Sharnael Wolverton
Luke Wood
Ryan Wyatt

Suzy Wills Yaraei
Barbara Yoder
David Yonggi Cho
Bill Yount

Jose Zapico
Len Zoeteman


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