The Apostasy of Casey Treat

The Apostasy of Casey Treat
by Susan Bertalotto
January 2007

I have known of Casey Treat for many years now. He had been a drug addict until becoming a Christian and had attended Bible school in Seattle, then started a church south of Seattle. I had attended the church several times throughout the years; it was just a normal, evangelical church, eventually growing into a mega-church.

About six years ago, I became aware of something I thought was odd at the time. Since I was a singles co-ordinator at a Seattle-area church, I came into contact with single adults who were or had been attending Treat’s church, Christian Faith Center (CFC). There was talk of CFC and Treat promoting particular books, supposedly “good” books. Among them was “The Road Less Traveled” by M. Scott Peck. I didn’t know anything about “New Age”, “contemplative spirituality”, and the such. But there was definitely something off regarding that book and others, although I can’t remember the names of the other books. They were similar-type self-help books, every one of them devoid of the clear Gospel of Jesus Christ. “The Road Less Traveled” is NOT a Christian book. It is a “guide to confronting and resolving our problems”, all without Jesus Christ. How can a Christian forget that Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY TO GOD, the only antidote for sin? By NOT being a Christian, that’s how. Casey Treat recommends this book and others like it, leading people down the broad path to destruction.

Then in 2004, I again attended CFC while visiting friends. That particular Sunday, after the worship service, Casey Treat drove up the middle aisle on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. He was advertising and promoting the Wednesday night men’s group that he taught. The reason for the Harley? Treat was demonstrating his “wild at heart” proclivities. He informed the men in the congregation that the book “Wild At Heart” by John Eldredge was being used in the men’s group. I just laughed; have you ever heard of that book?

“Wild At Heart” is an emotional, beat-on-the-chest publication that describes how a man can be what he is meant to be. Oops, how a man can be what he is meant to be IN GOD. Eldredge had to add that or else Christians wouldn’t be suckered into buying it. I had checked into that book in 2002 when someone had asked me about it. You can look up parts of the book on On pages 3 and 4, the basic premise of the whole book is stated: (paraphrased) “Adam was created in the wilderness, outside of the Garden of Eden; Eve was created IN the Garden. Because Adam was created in the wilderness and placed in the Garden, he didn’t really belong there and wanted to get out the whole time he was in communion with God.” I kid you not! Read it for yourself. Since when does Adam want to get OUT of the Garden? The reason he left is because of SIN. Not because he wanted to be “wild at heart”. The whole premise is laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

So Casey Treat bought the whole story – hook, line, and sinker. And he is teaching and encouraging the men in his church to buy into a lie also. Where is his discernment? Why is he not protecting the flock from wolves such as John Eldredge and Scott Peck?

When I attended CFC in 2004, the church was quite empty of the Spirit of God. “Great” worship – “great” preaching, that’s what I heard people say, although I didn’t see or hear that. Everything is choreographed; perfection is the game. Pleasing the people. Reminds me of Rick Warren and his “felt-needs”. Very similar spirits.

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1

Unfortunately, Casey Treat has veered off onto a broad road. And he’s taking a lot of undiscerning people with him.

Update February 2007
On page 270 of M. Scott Peck’s book, The Road Less Traveled, Mr. Peck states:

God wants us to become Himself (or Herself or Itself). We are growing toward godhood. God is the goal of evolution.

Another person who teaches a distorted doctrine of godhood is Creflo Dollar, a colleague of Casey Treat and a speaker (along with Frederick K C Price) at Treat’s Vision 2007 Conference. Dollar believes that God “produced” humans after His own kind, therefore we are gods. That teaching is New Age/Occult, through and through.

A very telling quote is found on Lighthouse Trails Research site:

The premise of this [New Age thought, et al] is that we all have a divine essence within us, and we just need to get in touch with it. In other words, as panentheists teach, God is in all of creation, including all human beings, and once a person becomes aware of this, there are no limits to what he can achieve.

Casey Treat believes Satan’s lie also – that we humans are gods. It is obvious, from the books he recommends and the teachers he allows in his church, that he is a false teacher.

Update April 2009
In his latest book How To Be Your Best When You Feel Your Worst, Treat writes of his experience with battling Hepatitis C from which he has now recovered. He uses his experiences to encourage others to find help, through his five steps, with depression, marriage issues, health problems, financial struggles, stress, etc. Unfortunately he teaches that low self-esteem and low self-image is at the root of the “problems”.

Page 234: … many of us struggle with the same issues and sin as the world around us — and much of that struggle is rooted in negative self-esteem.

Struggles and “issues” are rooted in SIN, not in how well a person esteems him/herself. The Bible does not teach us to beat up ourselves, but it certainly doesn’t exhort us to regard ourselves higher now than we did in the past so we can cope with life’s “struggles” today. Only through Jesus Christ can we have the liberty and victory from sin. Jesus is the One who said to deny SELF and take up our cross and follow Him. He never once said we need to feel better about SELF in order to be reconciled to God or be a better Christian.

Treat is very sincere and endevours to be uplifting in his attempt to help alleviate a person’s “negative self-image”. But that teaching is not biblical and will not assist anyone in being stronger in their faith in God. Everything we need is through Jesus Christ, not through “self”.

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