Product RED

What does (PRODUCT) RED have to do with the local churches? “A new marketing program has just been publicly launched at the global level. Called the RED campaign, and championed by the rock star Bono, this idea merges the

1) for-profit sector’s ambitions for profit$ with the
2) non-profit sector’s zeal for combatting AIDS, with the
3) world governnance ambitions of the United Nations.

This plan perfectly fulfils business guru Peter Drucker’s vision of a “healthy” Society, which he termed the 3-legged stool.” Click here to read more of this article…

“RED is the new…red. Once a metonymic reference for communism, RED is now one of the hottest signifiers of capitalistic social responsibility (CSR) in the West.”
“Whether you are a corporation, foundation, government agency or nonprofit organization, generating meaningful data can help you be accountable, demonstrate progress and learn what works.”
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“Never before has a marketing campaign [PRODUCT RED] worked at this magnitude, bringing together the diverse elements of the 3 sectors of Drucker’s “Society” —

Corporate for-profits,
Non-profits (charities, churches)
and State (government)

And we [Herescope, Discernment Research Group] have taken great pains to document the many ways to connect the dots between Drucker, Leadership Network (his evangelical coaching outfit) and purpose-driven Pastor Rick Warren’s Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan (yet another brand name). There is, therefore, every reason to suspect that this RED logo will attract purpose-driven evangelicals.” Click here to read more of this article…

Understanding Globalization
The August Review

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