Beware of Contemplative Prayer

From Herescope: Marianne Williamson: Moonbeams, Miracles & Magic

From Lighthouse Trails Research:
Kundalini Energy (Serpent Power) Same as Contemplative Silence
…the silence or sacred space that is reached during contemplative prayer/centering prayer is the same state that is reached during what is called kundalini. Read More…


Beware of Contemplative Prayer
by Susan Bertalotto
June 2006

Contemplative prayer, aka centering prayer, silent prayer, breath prayer, listening prayer, is defined as listening to God by repeating a word or phrase usually from the Bible (a mantra) and achieving silence in the mind, body and spirit. It also involves using breathing exercizes to slow down your breath and empty your mind of any distractions and thoughts. And just because a person doesn’t use ALL the tools of this type of prayer doesn’t mean one isn’t using the technique. There are some Christians who use contemplative prayer in an attempt to “meditate” on the Word of God. The question needs to be asked:

Why does anyone need an Eastern mystical occult practice in order to
‘get close to God’ or read/meditate on the Bible?

Actually, it is not necessary to use this type of “meditation”. It is just an excuse to be “culturally relevant”, to show a form of unity with other religions without seeming to use their practices. People who practice Contemplative Prayer are deluding themselves. You can’t “christianize” a pagan practice; the Bible clearly forbids it. (Deuteronomy 18:10-12)


Something that is starkly missing from the teachings of the proponents of contemplative prayer is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, God Incarnate, the ONLY WAY to God (John 14:6), the ONLY MEDIATOR between God and man (I Timothy 2:5)
Because Contemplative Prayer (and its euphemisms) are of occult/New Age origin, Jesus has no place in its teachings and practices. Jesus Christ is the dividing line between the pretenders and the real Christians, the spiritually-united Body of Christ.

Click HERE for a list of some of the “Pretenders”, people who are teachers, promoters, advocates, supporters, proponents, and/or defenders of Spiritual Formation (metaphysics, contemplative spirituality, spiritual disciplines) who ignore the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and subscribe to a “new” spirituality.

“Meditation is the basic activity that underlies all metaphysics and is the primary source of spiritual direction for the New Age person. We need only observe the emphasis which is placed on meditation to see the importance of it in New Age thought.”
An excerpt from Ray Yungen’s book, For Many Shall Come in My Name.
Read much more of Yungen’s book on Lighthouse Trails blog

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From Lighthouse Trails Research:
NOTICE TO PARENTS THIS IS A SPECIAL ALERT! The following Audio clip is a sermon by Rob Bell. In this audio, Bell leads the audience through a meditation exercise and talks about various aspects of contemplative spirituality. Please use caution when listening to this audio file (not suitable for children)…
Lighthouse Trails has been contacted by several concerned parents and grandparents whose teens are being introduced to the teachings and films of emerging church leader, Rob Bell (a strong proponent of mysticism, i.e., contemplative)… LINK to Lighthouse Trails Research article and AUDIO FILE of Rob Bell

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Quote from CANA site:

    CP [Contemplative Prayer] is a misnomer, since it is neither contemplation nor prayer as found in the Bible. We should be wary of any instruction that advises us to:
    Breathe a certain way before or during prayer
    Maintain a certain posture or bodily position
    Repeat a word or phrase, even if it’s from the Bible, or use a word or phrase to stay “focused”
    Go beyond thinking or thought
    To turn inward in order to find or be with God
    Be in silence in order to truly pray
    Believe that CP is true prayer
    –Marcia Montenegro
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